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Everyone have some hobbies and some time hobby becomes a full-time passion. If you are able to draw sketches, pencil art can be the best way to express that talent. Each piece of Pencil art requires spotless perfection that comes with regular practice, hard work and patience. If you are a beginner and have a passion for painting, you should take help from an experienced teacher for improving your pencil drawing ability.
Pencil drawing is not an easy job for all. For making good and attractive pencil portraits drawing, we need a lot of patience and hard work. Pencil art is about the features and clever lines. Pencil art must be perfected with practice. At first this may seem like an interest, but later on, it can be chosen as a career. Pencils are very important for drawing, but sharpening pencil is also an art in itself. For making strokes, deft lines or shades in drawing, one needs to use different kinds of pencils, such as H, HB, 2H, 4H, and 2B which enhance the drawing quality.

Pencil art is a perfect gift for friends and family. Like all arts, it requires much practice. So you should dedicate proper time for becoming a pencil art professional. Moreover, draw in an open environment that helps to improve concentration.

Pencil drawing art is best way to express your imagination. Art is a form of expression and represents the passion in the minds of artists. Art classes also coach beginners. Remember, colored pencils add variety to your hand drawn portraits. Colors can be chosen again to represent the views of the artists regarding life or nature. There is much to learn and draw like birds, boulevards, portraits and caricatures. 
There are help books also, which gradually enhance your perfection in pencil art. Although the main requirement is talent, dedication also matters a lot when it comes to becoming a master pencil artist. Then a day will come when you can boast of a pencil art gallery of your own. 
Pencil Art Gallery

Comic Pencil Sketch children pencil Sketch Animal Pencil Sketch
Comic Pencil Sketch children pencil Sketch Animal Pencil Sketch
Pencil Art sketch of Snake charmer Army Man Sketch On This Independence Day Beauty Of Birds In My Parrot Drawing Sketch
Woman carrying the earthen pot filled with water pencil portrait of scenery pencil portrait of scenery
pencil sketch Girls playing with Duck Hawk sketch Pencil Sketch of Beautiful woman face
pencil sketch of Cartoon boy and dog Pencil sketch: Little girl purchasing Balloons I also like Drawings.
She is waiting for someone Cartoon sketch: Micky mouse and Lady doctor Pencil Sketch of Tree in storm
Penci Art woman making chapati (Roti)
Potter making pots sketch pencil drawing of sparrw pencil sketch of tiger in mud
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