Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pencil Art sketch of Snake charmer

As you all know Snake Charmer earns through hypnotizing snakes by playing there instrument. It is quite dangerous acts, but they do it without any fear. Actually they are expert in there work. And they know how to handle dangerous situations during hypnotizing snake.

Snake Charming is very common in India, although other Asian nations like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thialand. Snake Charming is also found in North Africa such as Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

This time, I made a pencil sketch of Snake Charmer. In this pencil sketch, I made a sight in which snake charmer sitting cross-legged and blowing a flute in front of cobra. The snake rises up out of a basket and the body sways back and forth to the music coming from flute.

I made this sketch because I am very surprised with the life of Snake charmer, how do they avoid being bitten by snake. This is just mystery for us.

Please do comment and tell me how is this Snake Charmer pencil sketch.

Pencil Drawing Art

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