Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pencil sketch: Banta joke: How do these wars begin?

I know you would laugh out loud after watching this Pencil sketch. This sketch is about Mr. and Mrs. Banta fighting with each other.

Actually Santa And Banta jokes are very popular in India. Few days ago, I heard a joke from my friend, it was very funny. This joke was about Mr. and Mrs. Banta. That time an idea came in my brain. The idea was to make a pencil sketch on this joke.

Here below is joke I am shearing with you.

Banta was teaching history to his convent going son.
Jr. Banta: ‘Dad, how do these wars begin?’
Banta: ‘Well, son, suppose Pakistan has a quarrel with Japan, and…’
Mrs. Banta: ‘But, Pakistan and Japan have never quarreled.’
Banta: ‘I know bibi-but I’m taking a hypothetical instance to…’
Mrs. Banta: But you are misguiding the boy.’
Banta: ‘No, I’m not….’
Mrs. Banta: ‘Yes, you are….’
Banta: ‘I tell you. I’m not! It’s outrageous….’
Mrs. Banta: ‘Shut up! You bewkoof.’
Banta: ‘Mind your words or I’ll…’ ( And gives her a slap.)
Jr. Banta: ‘All right, dad, don’t get excited, I think I understand better how wars begin.’

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