Sunday, February 20, 2011

Am I Good Cartoon Artist?

Cartoon has ever been unremarkable diversion for period. Technically pencil sketches of comics is similar to other drawing objects, but just need to be really good at certain techniques which is often used in cartoons drawings.

If you like to make pencil sketches, you must have a kit pencils, eraser, sharpener, paper, mixed strains, crayons and other tools according to your need. Do not select the kit which you do not know the proper behavior, since the creation of art must first feel comfortable with all the tools are about in order to bring the most attractive drawings.

Drawing can’t be done without deciding which you want to draw. It also works in case of cartoons or comic sketches, where you must perform the exercise by the comic strip cartoon or imitating other comics. Cartoon drawings always express the movement of the body and shading. So, I will suggest you to use tracing paper and soft pencil which is helpful to create best effects in drawings.

If you are beginner in drawing then you must start practice with basic shapes such as circles, rectangles, squares, and others. If you look closely at the cartoon, you will see that each piece is made of one of the most basic forms. After enough practice to create basic shapes, you can go through the drawing of the simplest form of the human body. When you are good at these exercises, you can finally begin to create their own comic sketches.

See below my comic sketch which based on the funny joke of Nasruddin Hodja.

One day a man came to the Hooja for writing a letter from him. Below is conversation between both.

Man: Please write a letter for me to a friend in Baghdad.

Hodja: I am sorry, I can’t. I have no time to go to Baghdad.

Man: Go to Baghdad? Who’s asking you to go to Baghdad? All I want you to do is….

Hodja: I know, I know! You want me to write a letter. But my Hand-writing is very bad. No one can read it except me. If you your friend a letter written by me, He will send for me to read it out to him. And as I‘ve told you, I have no time to go to Baghdad.

Don’t forget to comment that how is this comic sketch?????????

Comic pencil Sketch
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