Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pencil sketch Art of Scenery

Before talking anything about my imagination-driven scenery sketch, I would like to tell you, what my unique perception about scenery is.

According to me scenery is a sketch (drawing) of nature’s matchless segments like exotic landscape, towering Hills, twisting and turning Rivers and other natural scenes (like tree, water, plants, hut etc). Scenery could be about anything, even a simple chair or a dull street can be magnificently portrayed through it.

You all must know that drawing is my foremost passion. So this time I tried to create an out of the ordinary scenery sketch. I created this pencil sketch of an enchanting scenery on 25-march-2010. In this scenery sketch, I tried to catch beautiful creations of nature.

In this pencil sketch, I made a lone tree at edge of an overflowing river. And this river is coming from a far away unknown zone and is touching the bottom edges of the haughty mountains. I also made some plants and stones at the edges of the river. I also created a village woman who is walking aside the river carrying an earthen pot filled with water. All these scenes are surrounded with huge hills. Moreover, I drew some birds flying in the limitless blue sky.

Pencil Drawing Art

It was very difficult for me to portrait such a scene because I wanted to make it as natural and appealing as possible. But I tried my best and made this Scenery sketch.

Please do comment, and tell me how this pencil portrait is and tell me how much I succeeded to catch neutrality of the nature. Pencil art is my passion and another sketch will be arriving soon. Please do stay in touch with a blossoming artist.
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