Sunday, July 3, 2011

Drawing of Cobbler (Shoemaker)

Making sketch of human body is challenging task. Drawing of human body is not easy. We need lot of patience and hard practice to be master of human’s body drawing. There are many ways for creating human body sketches.

The best way to start drawing is to analyze the classic division of the body to eight similar parts from the top of the head at the bottom of the foot. Each of these eight areas are actually estimated the size of a head.

it's all easy if you are making sketch of somebody standing straight. But it is usually necessary to add perspective and work with your image. In this case, it becomes much more difficult to compare the size of the different areas of the body, the arm moves toward the viewer appears to decrease, and so on. To circumvent this problem you will have to consider the body as a group of very simple shapes. If you consider the arm as a cylinder, is likely to be very easy to comprehend how it will look like in three dimensions.

Another good way that helps you study human figures to recognize the basic bone structure belonging to the human figure. The bone structure establishes most of the general shape and proportions of the body, so if you comprehend this, and then you can use the information in the drawing.

Keep doing practice and you will see that you get used to it quickly.

Drawing of Cobbler (Shoemaker)
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