Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beauty Of Birds In My Parrot Drawing Sketch

It always wonders how parrots seem so wise and lovable? Parrots have touched our heart a lot of years. Parrots are very intelligent and some of their breeds could speak many words as possible.

Parrots are most popular bird among children. This is because children believe that they are hysterically funny when parrot talk and repeats everything that children say in conversation.

We all know that parrots are different breeds. Mostly, they eat fresh fruit and delicious vegetables, including pellets and of high quality grain or seed.

Well, this time I have made a pencil drawing on parrot. This parrot drawing sketch is flat and simple. In this hand drawn pencil sketch, two parrots are on branch of tree. And they are talking with each other. This pencil art of parrot was not difficult for me. I made it so easily without any trouble.

This pencil art sketch of this beautiful bird parrot is so simple, flat and anybody can draw it very easily, if you have interest in creativity of pencil portraits. Then you can do practice of drawing by making this parrot sketch because it is very easy to draw and you can make it very easily.

Pencil Drawing sketch of Parrot
Pencil sketch Art of Scenery Cartoon: Micky mouse and Lady doctor She is waiting for someone

Pencil Drawing Art

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Army Man Sketch On This Independence Day

Proud to be Indian 15 August is the Great day for India. This is the day when India has taken the deep breath of freedom. On Independence Day in India is a moment of pride and honor. On this special day, rich tributes to country freedom fighters, because they sacrificed their lives and fought to liberate motherland from the clutches of the oppressors - the British, who ruled the country. At the strike of midnight on August 15, 1947, India has thrown off the yoke of British rule and became free. It was a night of celebration across the country.

So this time, I made a sketch for Army man. Because of there sacrifices, we are taking the breath of freedom. I tried to fill all my emotions and feelings about army man in this pencil art.

In this pencil sketch, I made a scene of war. In which a army man is hiding behind a sand filled sack. He is holding a gun and firing toward his target.

Penicl Art of Army Man
Pencil drawing of SparrowPencil drawing of Beggar Potter making pots

Pencil Drawing Art

"A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new…India discovers herself again." - J.L.Nehru

Jai Hind

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pencil Art sketch of Snake charmer

As you all know Snake Charmer earns through hypnotizing snakes by playing there instrument. It is quite dangerous acts, but they do it without any fear. Actually they are expert in there work. And they know how to handle dangerous situations during hypnotizing snake.

Snake Charming is very common in India, although other Asian nations like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thialand. Snake Charming is also found in North Africa such as Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

This time, I made a pencil sketch of Snake Charmer. In this pencil sketch, I made a sight in which snake charmer sitting cross-legged and blowing a flute in front of cobra. The snake rises up out of a basket and the body sways back and forth to the music coming from flute.

I made this sketch because I am very surprised with the life of Snake charmer, how do they avoid being bitten by snake. This is just mystery for us.

Please do comment and tell me how is this Snake Charmer pencil sketch.

Pencil Drawing Art

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pencil sketch: Banta joke: How do these wars begin?

I know you would laugh out loud after watching this Pencil sketch. This sketch is about Mr. and Mrs. Banta fighting with each other.

Actually Santa And Banta jokes are very popular in India. Few days ago, I heard a joke from my friend, it was very funny. This joke was about Mr. and Mrs. Banta. That time an idea came in my brain. The idea was to make a pencil sketch on this joke.

Here below is joke I am shearing with you.

Banta was teaching history to his convent going son.
Jr. Banta: ‘Dad, how do these wars begin?’
Banta: ‘Well, son, suppose Pakistan has a quarrel with Japan, and…’
Mrs. Banta: ‘But, Pakistan and Japan have never quarreled.’
Banta: ‘I know bibi-but I’m taking a hypothetical instance to…’
Mrs. Banta: But you are misguiding the boy.’
Banta: ‘No, I’m not….’
Mrs. Banta: ‘Yes, you are….’
Banta: ‘I tell you. I’m not! It’s outrageous….’
Mrs. Banta: ‘Shut up! You bewkoof.’
Banta: ‘Mind your words or I’ll…’ ( And gives her a slap.)
Jr. Banta: ‘All right, dad, don’t get excited, I think I understand better how wars begin.’

Pencil Drawing Art

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pencil sketch Art of Scenery

Before talking anything about my imagination-driven scenery sketch, I would like to tell you, what my unique perception about scenery is.

According to me scenery is a sketch (drawing) of nature’s matchless segments like exotic landscape, towering Hills, twisting and turning Rivers and other natural scenes (like tree, water, plants, hut etc). Scenery could be about anything, even a simple chair or a dull street can be magnificently portrayed through it.

You all must know that drawing is my foremost passion. So this time I tried to create an out of the ordinary scenery sketch. I created this pencil sketch of an enchanting scenery on 25-march-2010. In this scenery sketch, I tried to catch beautiful creations of nature.

In this pencil sketch, I made a lone tree at edge of an overflowing river. And this river is coming from a far away unknown zone and is touching the bottom edges of the haughty mountains. I also made some plants and stones at the edges of the river. I also created a village woman who is walking aside the river carrying an earthen pot filled with water. All these scenes are surrounded with huge hills. Moreover, I drew some birds flying in the limitless blue sky.

Pencil Drawing Art

It was very difficult for me to portrait such a scene because I wanted to make it as natural and appealing as possible. But I tried my best and made this Scenery sketch.

Please do comment, and tell me how this pencil portrait is and tell me how much I succeeded to catch neutrality of the nature. Pencil art is my passion and another sketch will be arriving soon. Please do stay in touch with a blossoming artist.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pencil drawing of Sparrow

Pencil sketch of Sparrow

Pencil Drawing Art

Potter making pots

Potter making pots

Pencil Drawing Art

woman making chapati

woman making chapati or roti

Pencil Drawing Art

Girls playing with Duck

Girls sketch

Pencil Drawing Art

Pencil sketch: Tiger in Mud

Tiger sketch

Pencil Drawing Art

Pencil Sketch: Woman carrying the earthen pot filled with water

Woman carrying the earthen pot

Pencil Drawing Art

Pencil sketch: Little girl purchasing Balloons

Little girl purchasing Balloons

Pencil Drawing Art

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