Saturday, December 31, 2011

Water Color Rose Drawing

Roses are most beautiful and lovely among all flowers. Rose is symbol of fragrance and beauty. It grows in many different part of the world. They do well in the mild climate. Rose petals are used to in perfumes for centuries.

It is challenge to drawing skill to make drawing of Rose because it is more complex than the other most flowers. When we make drawing of Rose, it is necessary to look each petal individually. It's like setting goals. It is my suggestion to everyone who loves drawing, whenever you draw sketch of rose look at a petal, not entire rose.

After nine years, I picked brush and water colors. It was like test of my ability to make drawing with water color. I selected Rose. When I completed, it looks fine. But I think I need more practice with water colors.

Water Color Drawing of Rose
Penci Art woman making chapati (Roti)
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