Thursday, November 10, 2011

Drawing of Woman Face

Drawing is the ability to simulate any view on the paper with just a few highlights with pencil on paper in a few minutes. Anyone can make sketches if they have some basic skills of observation. This ability is approachable at any age! If pencil drawing is your hobby then pencil sketches provies another way to show your thoughts and idea on paper when your words are not enough to do so. And it is cheap, you only need a pencil and a piece of paper. And 'you can make sketch anytime, anywhere.

Human faces are often the subject of artists, beginner and professionals. To make sketch of human face requires patience and practice. Drawing of a woman's face can be difficult for some artists who are struggling to draw smooth lines and details necessary to distinguish women from men. With drawing techniques and proper use of soft blending and shading, you can draw the faces of women who do not go looking masculine.

See below sketch, I have tried to make woman face sketch, It looks fine. Please tell me your review on this drawing.
Drawing of Woman Face
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