Saturday, December 31, 2011

Water Color Rose Drawing

Roses are most beautiful and lovely among all flowers. Rose is symbol of fragrance and beauty. It grows in many different part of the world. They do well in the mild climate. Rose petals are used to in perfumes for centuries.

It is challenge to drawing skill to make drawing of Rose because it is more complex than the other most flowers. When we make drawing of Rose, it is necessary to look each petal individually. It's like setting goals. It is my suggestion to everyone who loves drawing, whenever you draw sketch of rose look at a petal, not entire rose.

After nine years, I picked brush and water colors. It was like test of my ability to make drawing with water color. I selected Rose. When I completed, it looks fine. But I think I need more practice with water colors.

Water Color Drawing of Rose
Penci Art woman making chapati (Roti)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Drawing of Woman Face

Drawing is the ability to simulate any view on the paper with just a few highlights with pencil on paper in a few minutes. Anyone can make sketches if they have some basic skills of observation. This ability is approachable at any age! If pencil drawing is your hobby then pencil sketches provies another way to show your thoughts and idea on paper when your words are not enough to do so. And it is cheap, you only need a pencil and a piece of paper. And 'you can make sketch anytime, anywhere.

Human faces are often the subject of artists, beginner and professionals. To make sketch of human face requires patience and practice. Drawing of a woman's face can be difficult for some artists who are struggling to draw smooth lines and details necessary to distinguish women from men. With drawing techniques and proper use of soft blending and shading, you can draw the faces of women who do not go looking masculine.

See below sketch, I have tried to make woman face sketch, It looks fine. Please tell me your review on this drawing.
Drawing of Woman Face
woman Pencil SketchAnimal Pencil Sketchchildren pencil Sketch

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Woman Portrait Sketch

In this sketch, I tried to express beauty of woman. She is most beautiful creation by the God.

The sketch of the woman's face using minimal lines that is used to highlight the location of the most recognizable face, like eyes, nose, mouth and hair etc. Below I have made an Indian woman portrait in which she had wearing bangles on her hand. I paid my most attention to the shadow and on beautiful eyes.

When I completed this sketch it was very beautiful as I was expected. Now I am feeling, I have improved my drawing ability so much.

woman portrait Sketch
Animal Pencil SketchPotter making pots sketchchildren pencil Sketch

Pencil Drawing Art

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Drawing of Cobbler (Shoemaker)

Making sketch of human body is challenging task. Drawing of human body is not easy. We need lot of patience and hard practice to be master of human’s body drawing. There are many ways for creating human body sketches.

The best way to start drawing is to analyze the classic division of the body to eight similar parts from the top of the head at the bottom of the foot. Each of these eight areas are actually estimated the size of a head.

it's all easy if you are making sketch of somebody standing straight. But it is usually necessary to add perspective and work with your image. In this case, it becomes much more difficult to compare the size of the different areas of the body, the arm moves toward the viewer appears to decrease, and so on. To circumvent this problem you will have to consider the body as a group of very simple shapes. If you consider the arm as a cylinder, is likely to be very easy to comprehend how it will look like in three dimensions.

Another good way that helps you study human figures to recognize the basic bone structure belonging to the human figure. The bone structure establishes most of the general shape and proportions of the body, so if you comprehend this, and then you can use the information in the drawing.

Keep doing practice and you will see that you get used to it quickly.

Drawing of Cobbler (Shoemaker)
Penci Artwoman making chapati (Roti)

Pencil Drawing Art

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Woman Face Sketch

Trends in art in recent years, much emphasis on style, expression, composition and speed. These properties are the answers to new ways of drawing. Pencil in the equipment, which allows images to be transferred and stored. The pencil is a physical connection between the eyes, mind and hand. The actual understandings of the sketches go beyond the "manipulation" of pencil and other drawing accessories. This is the good training for the eye and brain to be creative in all aspects.

Women face sketch
Woman carrying the earthen pot filled with waterpencil portrait of scenerypencil portrait of scenery

Pencil Drawing Art

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pencil Drawing of Birds – Hawk

Drawing birds like Audubon is very demanding and difficult. Although his designs were better than the art that as an objective science, they really did resemble birds, he claims to represent. We can also make drawing like him with only lot of practice and by joining any good traditional art school for some years.

But if you want to make simple sketches of birds then simply apply pencil on paper and begin to make some shapes. When something like this could be a bird, put in one eye and a beak, topknot and it would be acceptable, maybe even fun.

Almost all kind of shapes can be made to look like birds. You can made birds sketch with combination's of squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, polygons etc. You can draw picture of any bird and add an eye, a few feathers, a beak, maybe a tail, and draw the image of a bird. You can take a picture of a piece of fruit, guitar, pot, box, bag, and add features in birds and there you are.

You can also create a whole story represented with bird’s sketches.

Hawk Pencil Sketch
Pencil drawing of Hawk Sparrow Sketch Beauty Of Birds In My Parrot Drawing Sketch

Pencil Drawing Art

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Animal Pencil Sketch

Animals are very important part of this universe. Pencil drawings of animals are not as spectacular at first sight.

Once time you get the idea of a simple pencil outline, after that you can move forward in all kind of animal drawing. After doing lot of practice you will get a real buzz to be able to draw best pencil drawing of animals.

Practice of animal drawings are best way to improve pencil drawing skills.

Dog Pencil Drawing
Tiger in Mud Cartoon boy and dog Beauty Of Birds In My Parrot Drawing Sketch

Pencil Drawing Art

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Popular Kids drawing book – “Making Sense of Children's Drawings”

Making Sense of Children's Drawings

Here you module conceive the invisible talents of young children for complexity, programmed, and tenacity for acquisition a wonderful component to the too-small assemblage of property books on young children's learning through art.

It shows the cognitive value of drawing art in children's intellectual development and emotional and truly sets the range of special types of drawings effects used and understood by three to six year older kids. This is a very valuable experience. All age group person can increase there pencil drawing capability through this book.

This volume explores very good techniques and tips for young children to learn drawing and learn at home and at school. It also provides professional support in developing pedagogy of drawing in art and design and set curriculum and to provide advice to parents on how to make sense of their children’s drawings.

It gives an overview of the influence of media and consumerism, as reflected in popular visual imagery, and the formation of gender identity in young children.

Making Sense of Children's Drawings Downloading link 1

Making Sense of Children's Drawings Downloading link 2
Making Sense of Children's Drawings Downloading link 3

children pencil Sketch
woman making chapati Woman carrying the earthen pot filled with water Tree in storm

Pencil Drawing Art

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Am I Good Cartoon Artist?

Cartoon has ever been unremarkable diversion for period. Technically pencil sketches of comics is similar to other drawing objects, but just need to be really good at certain techniques which is often used in cartoons drawings.

If you like to make pencil sketches, you must have a kit pencils, eraser, sharpener, paper, mixed strains, crayons and other tools according to your need. Do not select the kit which you do not know the proper behavior, since the creation of art must first feel comfortable with all the tools are about in order to bring the most attractive drawings.

Drawing can’t be done without deciding which you want to draw. It also works in case of cartoons or comic sketches, where you must perform the exercise by the comic strip cartoon or imitating other comics. Cartoon drawings always express the movement of the body and shading. So, I will suggest you to use tracing paper and soft pencil which is helpful to create best effects in drawings.

If you are beginner in drawing then you must start practice with basic shapes such as circles, rectangles, squares, and others. If you look closely at the cartoon, you will see that each piece is made of one of the most basic forms. After enough practice to create basic shapes, you can go through the drawing of the simplest form of the human body. When you are good at these exercises, you can finally begin to create their own comic sketches.

See below my comic sketch which based on the funny joke of Nasruddin Hodja.

One day a man came to the Hooja for writing a letter from him. Below is conversation between both.

Man: Please write a letter for me to a friend in Baghdad.

Hodja: I am sorry, I can’t. I have no time to go to Baghdad.

Man: Go to Baghdad? Who’s asking you to go to Baghdad? All I want you to do is….

Hodja: I know, I know! You want me to write a letter. But my Hand-writing is very bad. No one can read it except me. If you your friend a letter written by me, He will send for me to read it out to him. And as I‘ve told you, I have no time to go to Baghdad.

Don’t forget to comment that how is this comic sketch?????????

Comic pencil Sketch
cartoon sketch of banta Cartoon: Micky mouse and Lady doctor Boy and dog sketch

Pencil Drawing Art

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